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Hello there, i'm Félix, graphic designer and musician based in BCN city Spain, i am passionate about art in all its forms, with more than 9 years of experience in the field of graphic design and almost all my life in music can be said that I have been trying to put my grain of sand to make of this world a place a little more tolerable.

Some people who can tell you a little bit about me

  • Acadia, Mountain Sports equipment (Venezuela, Colombia)
  • NIKE, sport equipment (Venezuela)
  • Perception, Plastic kayak pioneers (UU.EE)
  • Bahareke Soundsystem, South and center America big Band (Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panamá)
  • DNA Laboratories, Bioanalysis laboratory (UU.EE)
  • Abismo, Mountain sport equipment (Venezuela)
  • Trespass, Cloth retailers (UK)
  • Abismo, Urban cloth and accesories (Venezuela)
  • Gibbon, Slackline manufacturers (Germany)
  • Slackline Industries, Slackline manufcturers (UU.EE)
  • Prostar, Audiovisual studio (UU.EE)
  • Thinking Home, Automation/domotic app developers (Spain)
  • FADI, (Fundación Amigos contra la Diabetes) Non profit magazine (Venezuela)
  • Focus, Photographic studio (Panamá)
  • BYA, Sports and active lifestyle products (UU.EE)
  • AAD, Airconditioning distributors (Australia)
  • Creekbank, Editorial (UU.EE)
  • Incredibles, Chocolate manufacturers (UU.EE)
  • Kickwheel, Non profit universitary group (UU.EE)
  • Puntersbay, bookie services (UU.EE / Europe)
  • BYA, Sports and active lifestyle products (UU.EE)